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Postdoctoral Scholar Position

University of California, San Francisco

Hematology Oncology, Department of Medicine

A postdoctoral scholar position is available for a highly motivate scientist at the University of California, San Francisco to focus on lung and pancreatic cancers using a combination of genetically engineered mouse models, cell lines, and clinically derived samples. The group is also working to comprehensively model with high fidelity human cancers in mice using a combination of germline genetics and somatic allele delivery by CRISPR and cDNA systems. The ideal candidate will be able to independently develop, guide, and complete research projects.


  • Postdoctoral candidates should possess a PhD, MD, or both
  • Applicants need to be self-motivated, fast learners, critical thinkers, and enthusiastic about science and medicine.
  • Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team and independently.
  • Strong ability to problem solve and troubleshoot experiments.
  • Highly proficient in a variety of molecular and cellular biology techniques, and have strong fundamental knowledge of cancer genetics and epigenetics
  • Performing basic molecular biology techniques, including molecular cloning, nucleic acid isolation, PCR, and protein expression analysis.
  • Experience performing gene transfer studies using lentiviral infection of human cell cultures.
  • Experience primary cell cultures

Eric Collisson, MD


Thieu Bleu, MS

Associate Specialist